Watching football in streaming: the best sites not to be missed

Watch football in streaming

It is certainly not always easy to find the best streaming sites to watch a football game live. They are nonetheless important as they represent a good alternative to your television screen. So here are the best platforms that will enable you to enjoy football just like if you were at the stadium.

It is one of the best known free sports streaming sites. On, one click on « Direct » situated to the right of the game is enough to watch a football game live. But with this platform, you have the possibility to watch basketball, rugby and tennis games too. With its neat user interface, it is easy to use.

On, you can watch live, numerous channels dedicated to sports and especially football. These are Eurosport, beIN SPORT 1 to 3, Foot+ and many more still. On this sports streaming site, you can not only watch the UEFA Champions League but also handball, NBA as well as the calendar for future games.

Reddit Soccer Streams

If you are a hard-core football fan then you must absolutely visit the Reddit Soccer Streams site. Affiliated to the Reddit Global Forum, it gives live broadcasts for all kinds of football matches. It is worth mentioning that you can choose the commentary language and the channel to your liking. Besides this, they are good quality images. You will therefore feel like you are watching the game at the stadium.

In Europe, this is without any doubt the best free sports streaming site but it is also very famous worldwide. With its easy to use and attractive users interface, Internet users will actually enjoy watching their favourite game live. Note also that with this platform, the emphasis is on sports events taking place on the old continent.


Rojadirecta is a Spanish streaming site that regroups different channels dedicated to football. If you are a football fan then do not hesitate to browse this site. To be able to watch live the game you have been eagerly waiting for, you will only need to select it together with a channel. Note that just like most of the free sports streaming sites, Rojadirecta contains adverts. If those adverts bother you then you only have to close them or activate Adblock on your browser.


Tous-sports is a platform which regroups football, volleyball and handball matches. You also have the possibility to watch live competitions of formula 1, cycling or even swimming. This information is always updated to continuously keep you up to date. Besides, this site hardly contains any advertising. That way, you can watch the biggest sports events in real time and without being disturbed by the adverts.

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