Top 5 of the most popular free sports streaming sites

most famous free sports streaming sites

Nowadays, viewing sports updates in streaming mode is particularly trendy. Everyone actually appreciates the instantaneity. It is therefore quite understandable to see an increase in the number of platforms for sports streaming. A few of them even allow you to view contents at a later date.

1. Stream2Watch

Ranked as one of the most visited, Stream2Watch is a sports streaming platform which is free. It enables you to watch live, almost every kind of sports that you may want to. All of the matches available for live viewing are listed on its homepage. On it, you can also find a whole list of useful information such as the sport’s category or the details for the players making up each and every team. On this free sports streaming site, you can view content in HD. There are of course adverts but you will always have the option to unlock « Adblock » before using the site if those adverts bother you.

2. WatchESPN

This free sports streaming site is maintained by the official ESPN channel. Ranked as one of the most popular, it features a really nice user interface. If you like American sports then this site is perfect for you. It does actually broadcasts live some of the biggest events such as NBA, NFL, university football or even the major baseball league. Meanwhile, you will not suffer any advertising on WatchESPN. Its official application is also available on the Android and iOS user systems.

3. FromHot

FromHot is also a sports streaming site that enables you to watch live sports such as football, golf, tennis, hockey, basketball and even motor sport. Besides, this platform’s user interface is really responsive and neat too. You can check its homepage to find and rapidly access all of the live streams. Because this sports streaming site is free, you will avoid spending a penny to fully enjoy your favourite games.

4. Laola1

Despite a name that may seem surprising at first, Laola1 is actually a very popular sports streaming site. Among many sports, you will be able to watch live football, volley-ball, table tennis and hockey games with a HD quality. This platform also keeps you up-to-date with every sports news in the world. Finally, it sets itself apart with a user interface that is both modern and simple.


Even though its name may sound weird, do not worry because this site is one of the most famous for free sports streaming. Despite being banned in certain areas by some Internet access suppliers, it can always be used as long as you are using a VPN. You can also change your theme on, which is not always possible on other sites. But that’s not all as you can make small changes to the user interface too.

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