Downloading and configuring TV on Live Sport, the steps to follow

Télécharger et configurer TV on Live Sport

Thanks to the developments in technology, it is now possible to follow your favorite programs almost everywhere. Some operators even supply their own application themselves thus giving the option to watch television on their mobile. This alternative allows their clients to make the most of their broadband network. That way, their subscribers can watch matches live on a PC or a mobile (iPhone or Android). As a matter of fact, there are many solutions that allow you to follow any type of sports event, live.

With Android or iPhone, multiple choices for specific needs

In order to watch different televised programs on their mobile, clients from large operators must download a program that allows them to watch their favorite matches. Apart from the television channels available for Smartphones, it is also possible to download applications that give the option to watch TV live online or to watch previous programs already broadcasted (Replay).

For Android, the operators also offer innovative applications so you won’t miss any events or programs live or in Replay. Among the channels offering their own application, you have Game One, Gulli or even W9.

The PC softwares to download to watch TV on Live Sport

There are numerous PC softwares that can be downloaded to watch your TV programs live. The « adsl TV » is one of them. It is one of the softwares that offer a wide choice of television channels live. There are other options available with this software such as the WebTV features or the worldwide WebRadio. This software is free and works with a VLC or Video LAN engine. You can use it if you are struggling to find sports streaming sites.

Another software, called ZedTV, also allows you to watch hundreds of channels live. This is a software that is easy to use as well as free and with very useful main features. For example, you can watch many channels, record programs immediately, have a drop-down list of channels, etc.

The required configuration to install TV software

As well as the software mentioned above, you can also install on your PC, a software called Zattoo. This software only requires a high speed connection to operate well, no other material is needed. With it, you can actually access an amazing 74 channels live on your PC.

With regards to the configuration required to watch televised programs on a PC, you need it to run with an operating system like XP, Vista, Linux or Mac. As far as the processors are concerned, the minimum required is Intel P3 1.5 GHz with a random access memory of 512 MB. Needless to say that a high-speed internet connection is required in order to be able to properly launch the appropriate programs.

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