Everything you need to know to watch sports with streaming

watch sport in streaming

Films, series, music, magazines, books… Streaming has won many over in the world of entertainment. Easily accessible, this mode of consumption of the future allows you to enjoy rich and varied content anywhere and at any time. For sports enthusiasts, it is the ideal way to watch the games of your favorite teams anytime without necessarily needing your television set. In this article, we reveal three ways to watch sports with streaming.

Your favorite live sports channels

With the dazzling success of the streaming platforms, the biggest sports channels just like beIN Sport, RMC sport and also Canal + have launched their own sport streaming websites to enjoy all their content wherever you go. From now on, it is possible to watch the latest NBA game from your laptop or your Smartphone whether you are on the bus on the way home from work or in your car during traffic jams. With a subscription ranging from €10 to €20, you will have access to a wide range of programs from football, basketball, volleyball or tennis games to the daily sports update to keep up with the latest news about your favorite teams and favorite players in real-time.

The foreign channels to watch any game for free

If the subscriptions to the sports channels are above your means, we advise you to use foreign channels. This is actually possible with the Belgian channel RTBF and the Swiss channel RTS which are both real gold mines to enjoy your favourite sports. In Italian this time, the channel RAI1 also broadcasts games live and in HD with streaming. Although those channels offer a fairly wide choice, the disciplines that you will be able to access remain very few and are limited to football, tennis, ski and also motor sport.

For football fans, you can watch almost all of the big competitions just like the Champions League and the Europa League on those different channels. With regards to the Champions League, it is unfortunately only broadcasted on RAI1. As for the tennis grand slams, you can watch them on RTS. For MotoGp enthusiasts, the Grand Prix is available on the Belgian and Swiss channels live and with French commentaries.

Applications to watch your games with streaming

More practical than on a laptop, watching games on your Smartphone and Tablet is a true must to fully appreciate the performance of your favorite team everywhere you go. Dedicated applications have been designed to give you the opportunity to watch matches with your favorite players for free. This is the case of Veetle which in addition to football, offers other sport disciplines that you can watch live. This application is only available on IPhone and IPad and is available for download for free on Apple store. For Android users, you can access a full and varied sports content through the Ustream application which offers the possibility to watch television from your Smartphone. To access the game, the application uses people who share their TV connection over the internet. For football fans, the applications such as Free Soccer, Sopcast and also Splive TV are a gold mine for watching the biggest games.

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