Free sports streaming sites: the top 5

free sport streaming sites to know

Like many free sites for films and other television programs, there is a significant number of web sites that allow you to stream your favourite sports or games non-stop. Some sites do not charge a penny and others simply require your TV or Internet service provider’s login for a free access.

Here is a small selection of 5 free streaming sites to know but before anything, consider using a VPN service to unblock any restrictions.


It is one of the most popular sports streaming sites that broadcast events in high definition. Videos, news, analyses and highlights are free to all users but you can watch sports matches live if you are connected to the television or the Internet provider.

Available sports: football, basketball, tennis, cricket, electronic sport, wrestling, golf, horse racing, university sports, F1, boxing, MMA, WWE.

2. Hotstar

Although ESPN provides content primarily to American and European countries, what happens if you are in India or if you are a cricket fan or you like sports popular in the sub-continent? In that case, you will need to search for some other legal sports streaming sites such as Hotstar. While many use the Hotstar web site to watch free movies and TV programs, it is very popular in India for watching sports like cricket, hockey, kabaddi, football, etc.

Available sports: Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Hockey, Tennis, Badminton, Table tennis, Golf, Swimming, Electronic Sports, Formula 1 and Athletics.

3. Red Bull TV

This free worldwide sports streaming site offers different adventure sports, live sports programs and various lifestyle contents. This service also broadcasts original sports programs such as Sky Trippers, URBEX, Sheckler, Who is J.O.B., the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, etc. Another distinctive feature of the Red Bull sports web site is their list of athletes by country and by sport. It allows you to select your favourite athlete and learn much more.

Available sports: racing, rally, mountain climbing, cliff jumping, F1, electronic sports, skating, ski, snowboard, surf, etc.

4. Fox Sports

Just like ESPN, the Fox Sports web site can also be a great way to enjoy sports for free online. The web site is well designed and shows you the scores of featured games. There are online games’ schedules, highlights and interviews, all totally free. With regards to the free and legal sports streaming part, it is fairly similar to what you need to do to watch free games on ESPN.

Available sports: Football, F1, MotoGP, Combat Sports, Tennis, Electronic Sports, Golf, WWE, Basketball.

5. Sony Liv

Sony Liv offers a dedicated calendar page to display important upcoming games. Each sport has its dedicated page showing highlights, talk-shows, news, tournaments, etc. If your Internet connexion is slow, Sony Liv also provides you with an option to alter the streaming quality. With regards to access, this sports streaming site is totally free. There is a paid option for premium content but this only adds entertainment and movie channels.

Available sports: Cricket, Football, WWE, Basketball, Tennis, UFC, MotoGP, Redbull Air racing, NBA

Make your choice and enjoy the show!

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